Orion eAPI Software Capability Highlights

Practical Applications

  • Asset Management System
  • Reliability Business Intelligence
  • In compliance with the PAS 55 Standard
  • Database connections with SAP®, Maximo®, Oracle®, Access®, Microsoft SQL Server®, etc.
  • Optimum PM Interval Calculation
  • Spare Parts Forecasting
  • Convenient access to ReliaSoft's standard software tools for related analyses
  • Portals are configurable for individual users and groups
  • Flexible, graphical display for key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Manage improvement projects and track the return on investment (ROI)
  • Manage the data, analyses, improvement projects and action plans in a single system


  • My Portal
  • Create Portal Groups (e.g. Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, etc.)
  • All Portals have:
    • KPI Alerts & Reliability Forecast
    • News
    • Analysis
    • Improvement Management & Actions
    • Reports


  • Life Data Analysis (LDA) for Reliability and Maintainability
  • Reliability Growth (RGA)
  • Spare Parts Forecast (SPF)
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Reliability Forecast Analysis


  • Monitor production quantities
  • Monitor performance/production losses

Improvement Projects

  • Manage improvement projects and action plans
  • Calculate return on investment (ROI)
  • Prioritize improvements
  • Send automatic e-mails to the professionals involved in the action plan

KPI Dashboard

  • Production
    • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    • Production
    • Asset Mechanical Reliability (AMR)
    • Asset Capability (AC)
    • Asset Utilization (AU)
    • Flaring Percentage (Oil & Gas)
  • Asset Performance
    • MTBF & MTTR
    • Inherent Availability
    • Achieved Availability
    • Operational Availability
    • Expected Number of Failures
  • Costs
    • Total Maintenance Cost
    • Predictive Cost
    • Preventive Cost
    • Corrective Cost
    • Labor Cost & Spare Part Cost


  • Number of Failures
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Availability
  • Production Loss
  • Reliability Forecast

Report Formats

  • HTML
  • Microsoft Excel® and Word®
  • Charts in *.wmf, *.jpg and *.bmp formats

Total Integration with ReliaSoft’s Software

  • Store/manage files from ReliaSoft's software
  • Attach the analysis to any part of the structure (i.e., TAG)
  • Show RCM and FMEA analyses created in the RCM++ or Xfmea software
  • Automated update of RBDs in BlockSim
  • Export data for more advanced analysis in Weibull++ and RGA

Data Imports and Exports

  • Microsoft Excel® or Access®
  • Text Files or XML
  • Oracle®
  • Microsoft SQL Server®
  • Any database with an OLE DB connection
  • CMMS Integration (SAP®, Maximo®, others)


  • Search the consolidated "raw" data
  • Search analyses
  • Search improvement projects
  • Search action plans
  • Save and reuse your searches

Extensive GUI Configuration Options

  • Multi-language capability
  • Easily substitute existing terminology with your own
  • Enable custom fields for gathering custom data

Databases Supported

  • Microsoft SQL Server®

Available Services


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